The Neothink Movement

Phase 3: For Intermediate-Level Neothinkers to Actualize What’s Been Idealized as Missionaries and Visionaries!


The Business Alliance and Businesses of the New World

Embrace Your Creation-Driven Lifestyle by Bringing Your Job and Your Business to Life with Neothink!

Enjoy The Movement

The Neothink Society and Clubhouses of the New World

Co-Create the Society That Supports You via Playing Your Role in the Real-Life Neothink Superpuzzle!

Enjoy The Movement

The Prime Law Society and Split-Runs of the New World

Guarantee Universal Wealth, Health, and Peace for Everyone on Earth by Building a Prime Law Society!

Enjoy The Movement

Enjoy Your Epic Journey of Becoming a Neothink Mentor

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Become A Neothink Mentor

Design the Job of Your Dreams

Neothink Level 5 benefits and rewards are confidential to L5 Neothinkers.

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Build the Business of Your Passions

Neothink Level 6 benefits and rewards are confidential to L6 Neothinkers.

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Experience the Love of Your Life

Neothink Level 7 benefits and rewards are confidential to L7 Neothinkers.

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Have the Body You Always Wanted

Neothink Level 8 benefits and rewards are confidential to L8 Neothinkers.

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